Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teenager Interview ( Extra Credit)

  Teens Interview

              Before I started with my interview with the teen I chose to interview I asked a couple of people what is their personal opinion about teens and how will they define teens. However, I did get a lot of the same response. For instance, they all seem to believe that teens are rebel and curious some thought that teens do not know how to behave and are loud and disrespectful.  My personal opinion about teens is that they are in a age where they are trying to find themselves and do different things to find themselves. I also, believe that in today society teens are labeled in a negative way therefore, by them being labeled so negative they tend to become what they are labeled by the people in their lives.
             Being an Intern at YouthBuild I chose to interview a Male  Teen from the program. YouthBuild is a GED program that helps troubled students gain a positive and successful education. In this program there are kids that have been to jail, do drugs and dropped out of school because they did not have  positive  support. However, workings for  Youth Build I have gained  a lot of great experience like working with teens, teaching a class on unhealthy relationships ,and evaluating the students.  
           Questions I asked:
  Q: How would you describe teens?
  A:  I would describe teens as like music, hanging with friends and having fun sometimes rebel.  
 Q: How do you feel when people labeled you as a bad teen because of your pass?
A:   To be honest I hate how we are labeled as bad teens just because of our pass. Yes, some of us to commit crimes and go to jail and regret it and choose to change our lives for a better one. I feel that when people label me is because they don’t have faith in me in becoming successful in life. Also, people that label me don’t know how I live my life and the reasons why I did the things I did in life.
            I choose to connect my interview with Raby article.  In the article there were numerous of statements that she made in her article that I disagree with. For instance, one main thing I do not agree with is they way teenagers are defined in the article. “Yeah, I think that teenagers, they are trouble- maker and they do things” (pg 444) I disagree, with the previous quote all teenagers are not trouble maker and should not be labeled as trouble- maker. I’m currently doing my internship at a program called Youth Build and I deal different kinds of teenagers. For instance, some of teens are dropped out of school for numerous of negative factors such as, getting in trouble with law enforcement, or lost their track using drugs.  Yes, I do understand that the majority of teenagers do cause trouble but us as a community we cannot continue to label these teenagers as trouble maker.

Final Project ( Teen Body images) Jasmine Scott, Annie Puello, Leecy Espinal,

Sorry for  some reason i did not get kayla invite so figured i would post our final project on my blog !

Our Main focus in our teen body images project is to be able to identify the negatives things that are portrayed by the media.   While working on this project we realized that the media has a lot of negative messages. For, instance, in the media all that is seen are girls that are skinny, white, good hair, tall. However, if that is the only thing being showed in the media that will instantly change a way a girl feels about themselves.  Numerous of girls suffer with Eating disorder because they want to look like the models on television and feel that their weight is not good enough to be a model. Another, thing that we focused on is how parents also have a main affect on how teens feel about their body images. In our presentation we will show a video by Tara Banks which discusses how parents pressure their kids to be thin and look like something that they are not.    We pick this quote because we feel that it can highly relate to our project. For the reason that teenagers tend to follow the trend that is surrounding them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Talking point 10 Twlight ( Edited) Connections

As, I started to watch the movie twilight I started to observed how the female leader of the movie   Bella was being portrayed. I noticed that she was portrayed as simple girl that was quiet and was not too much into fashion. She moved from phoenix to a place which is different from where she lived her childhood life. When she Edward I started to notice, that her attitude started to change rapidly. She started to wonder about him and his everyday moves. As, time went on she started to notice that was something that was wired about him. There was numerous part of the movie that made me think that Bella was not independent and felt that she was incomplete if she was not around Edward. Therefore, in my eyes her feeling incomplete without Edward being around her portrayed her as weak girl. As, the movie went on I started to noticed the message that is being sent to the public which is love. In the movie twilight love is define as unconditional love and Bella and Edward would no anything that takes stay together.

 I feel that twilight can relate to the article written by Raby. For instance, in Raby‘s article she discusses how a teen goes through a becoming stage.; Which means when teenager starts to become their own person.  However, in the movie twilight Bella is her own person but when she moves into the town where her father lives she begins to become another person because she falls in love with Edward which is a vampire. Bella falling in love with Edward she has to change her way of living to try to live like a Vampire. In the article Raby’s states that when teens go through that stage they tend to  become more independent and in the movie Bella does become more independent and stronger because she wants to prove to Edward that she has what it takes to a vampire and to gain his love.

 Another, connection I would like to use for the film Twilight will be the article about SCWAAMP feel that twilight has all the characteristics to fit to SCWAAMP

Straight – All characters in the movie are straight
Christian – All characters seem to be the same religion (religion is not really a big factor in the movie)
Whiteness- the majority of the characters are white
Able-Bodiedness– Majority of the character are able body instead for Jacob father which is in a wheelchair.
Maleness-   Most of the characters are male
Property owner – The Vampires tend to have a lot of property and power throughout the movie.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Talking point 9

After, reading the article” How being a good girl can be  bad” I found that it was interesting  to read and  also, it thought me a few things. The author of the article has different ways in defining good girls and bad girls. For instance, the author states that good girls tend to be passive and bad girls seem to be labeled as sexual. However, in the article there were a few things that made me a little frustrated and I did not agree with. The   Danger of being a girl is that they are easily labeled to be taken advantage of by boys. For instance, the author states that
“One suggested that “sometimes girls. In order to get certain guy, Will do anything the guy wants and that includes sex” That would include propositioning a boy “If that’s what she thinks he want’ the girl’s action are reinterpreted in terms of satisfying   the boy desire rather than her own” I agree, with the previous quote because the reason why girls basically trade sex for relationship because they believe that is that matters in a relationship and they are desperate for a relationship.  I also, believe that girls also do that because is often shown on the media that the way to seduce a man/boy is by sex.

  The video of Atlanta was a great video to watch and it also generalizes the principle s of being a women and not living the life that she does not want to live. In the video Atlanta is presented as powerful and willing to do anything it takes to prove that she can be as good as any man and does not need to get married to go on with her life. I also believed that the new version of “Alice in the wonderland” was powerful and had numerous of similarities with Atlanta because they both choose not to get married to please other peers in their life.  However, I also believe that both of these videos can be a great example, upon girls in society because it shows the message that women’s can speak for themselves and don’t need others to make choices in their life for them.   

Monday, April 4, 2011

Project ideas !

 I was thinking on doing my project on teenagers who are involved in unhealthy relationships.  Is common that both boys and girls are involved in relationship that are unhealthy and don’t even know it. For instance, a little push can lead to unhealthy relationship. I feel that this can be a very important and interesting project to work on. I also, feel that the media does not do a good job on representing unhealthy relationships and does not show positive things about relationships .
Here are my links!

 Another, idea I had for the final project is eating disorder I feel that can also be an important topic to work for the facts that millions of teenagers  have been affected by eating disorder. I believe that this can because the media has portrayed how a female should look and that is skinny.  I feel that the media affect the body image of the  girl or boy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Talking Point # 6 on Glee

Watching the show Glee was something that was new to me therefore, I did not know what to expect. As, I  was watching the show glee I decided to use the grinner article to compare with the show  Glee because I believed  it can relate  to the SCWAPP ideology. For instance,  I noticed that the character in the show were enforce to do things that  became a factor  in their life , and had to overcome the factors to be able to fit in.  All the characters are straight but one which is gay. Kurt was treated different because he was gay and was bully by the other classmates in school.  As, I was watching the show I noticed that religion was not a norm and was not hardly brought up.  Now whiteness was a huge norm in the show mostly all the character were white and few were minorities.  However, one thing that I dislike about the show was that there was hardly any diversity and it was ignored.  I felt that the kid in the wheel was always labeled as “The kid in the wheel chair” and also I felt that he was represented awful. For example, if a person who is disabled was to watch this show it would make the person feel bad about being in a wheelchair because the way the kid in the wheelchair is treated in the show.  I felt that people treated him nice because they felt bad because he was in a wheelchair. Being American was also a huge norm for the reason that mostly all the charters were American and all the music were American.  One important dominate that there was in the show Glee was maleness.  Males in the show had lots of power and were looked upon to because they were cool. However, it was not like that for Kurt because being gay and feminine was a major weakness in the show.
      Overall, watching the show for the first time was not bad it was interesting and I will not mind watching it again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Help !

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sex, Dating Too Young

 I was looking at videos on youtube  and ran arcoss this video.  While i was watching this video i was shock to hear the respone kids were giving about sex,relationship.

Extended Commentss: Teens in a Digital Age

 In the article written by Michael Welsh he discusses the different levels of technology and social media and how it can be positive influence toward education. In today society numerous of teachers don’t acknowledge the positive view of technology. However, the way teachers look at technology is negative and don’t believe that it can be useful while teaching students.  
             As, I was reading jasmine blog on the article written by Welsh I do agree with a point she made which was “In the elementary school I had went to we were just gaining access to computers and pone systems” (Jasmine) I agree, with that point because when I was in middle school we just started to get computers but we hardly used it because to teachers it was not a good way of teaching students. However, I believe that technology in education felid as become a main priority for the reason that is there are so many different ways to teach with technology. For instance, I love how Dr.Bogad teaches class by PowerPoint, blogs, videos I feel that is a great way to keep the student engages in class rather than just reading off a book and writing papers. Another, point jasmine made that I agreed with was” I may argue is that technology for the future generations is something that could change things. Children now days are relying on technology for learning” (Jasmine). The statement that Jasmine made I, highly agreed with her because in today generation technology has become very powerful. For, instance I have little cousins that are 8 years old and know how to use a computer I believe better than me. I also, have a little niece that is 2 years old  and I put learning games on the laptop for her and she plays very well and has learned her colors and numbers. Therefore I believe that technology is great.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"For Colored Girls"

                                                                    Great movie guys !

Reflectionn on "A Tangle of Discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescence"

After reading the article “A Tangle of Discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescence” written by Rebecca C.  Raby, there were numerous of her statement that she made in her article that I disagree with. For instance, one main thing I do not agree with is they way teenagers are defined in the article. “Yeah, I think that teenagers, they are trouble- maker and they do things” (pg 444) I disagree, with the previous quote all teenagers are not trouble maker and should not be labeled as trouble- maker. I’m currently doing my internship at a program called Youth Build and I deal different kinds of teenagers. For instance, some of teens are dropped out of school for numerous of negative factors such as, getting in trouble with law enforcement, or lost their track using drugs.  Yes, I do understand that the majority of teenagers do cause trouble but us as a community we cannot continue to label these teenagers as trouble maker. After, I read this article the next day I went into my internship site and asked one of the students “how do you feel when you are defined  as a trouble-maker” the student response was”  I don’t like it because it makes me feel  like people to have faith in me” . As, I heard the student respond I was heartbroken because teenagers become who they are because the negative way they are labeled by other individuals. In my internship, we played an activity where the students had to come up with a positive quote.  However, that activity touched my heart in a way I have never been touched by anything. One quote a student came up was with” life is like photography we develop from the negative”. I said to myself these students are brilliant they have potentials   to go forward in life and be successful they just need to be positive and get motivation from other people.

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Unpacking the myths that bind us "

                                                                             What is the hidden message in this photos ?

In the article Christen, “Unpacking the myths that binds Us” the author highlights a lot of strong point on about how innocent cartoons that are showed in the media bring a negative message upon children. However, numerous of parents that are letting their child watch these cartoons don’t notice the negative message that is sending to the children in society.  After reading the article I was amused and started to watch short snap of some of the Disney famous film. For example, I was watching the movie Cinderalla  and I noticed that she needed her prince to be happy. However, I felt that to me it was interpreted as, in order for a women to happy she need to have a man by her side.  "A Black Cinderella! Give Me a Break." She wrote: "Have you ever seen a dumb little cartoon with some ducks running around in clothes." Then black person, an Asian, a Hispanic in a cartoon!” (pg 131) The previous quote caught my attention a lot and it had me thinking about all the cartoons and it is true there no lead actor in cartoons that are Hispanic or black. However, all the cartoons that are showed in the media the ones that are not white are shown as being, servant, and nannies. I strongly believe that is sending a negative message to the children of our generation. I have a little cousin who is dark skin and when we go to the stores she would never look at the dolls that are black or would own a doll that black. One day  out curiosity,  I asked why don’t she  like dolls that are same skin colors as her and her response was” Because that white dolls are prettier  and blacks  dolls are never shown on cartoons”. Her response amused me so much that felt bad because in her mind she looking at people that are white are prettier because they are princesses, models and etc.  However, in the media Black female are shown as servant, angry, ugly, and as they grow they start to think that are like the black individual is shown on TV. “I start by showing students old cartoons because the stereotypes are so blatant. We look at the roles women, men, people of color, and poor 'people play in the cartoons. I ask students to watch for who plays the lead, who plays the buffoon! Who plays the servant?”(129)  The previous quote was something  that I asked myself,  and  I honestly, believe that old Disney portray women in a negative way and represents women as being weak in society and can’t not find good  jobs. “What would young children learn about women's roles in society if they watched these film”(pg 129) If , you ask me the women that we see in all the old Disney movies their role In society are nothing positive because none of the princesses are happy with what they have and depend  o n a man to be happy. I believe that is sending a message to all young females that in order to be happy you need to be with a man.

"Hip Hop Sees No Color"

The article” Hip Hop Sees No Color” was an amazing article to read.  In the article Grinner states that MTV has become the place where people of all races learn what is to be a black person in society. For instance,  how the life of a  Black person  is lived such as, how they speak, walk, dance . People that are from other races  “learn about Black women's sexuality or Black men's materialism through the representations presented to us in music videos” (pg180). I do agree with the previous quote, because when I was younger and I will watch  music videos on MTV that  dealt with African Americans what  was showed in the videos would be Black men driving a nice car, with crazy amount of jewelry and name brand clothes. Therefore, people that are from other race grow to believe that how a black person lives their life because that is what is showed in the media. After reading the article I began to think of the movie “ save the last dance “in a different way. For example, Grinner believes “The film presents stereotypical images of Black men and women and supports the notion that, ultimately, women need men to be successful. It promotes the idea that Black men are predisposed to stupidity, violence, and criminal activity and that Black women are jealous, manipulative, or burdened by teenage pregnancy”(Pg 181)  In the past  I just thought of the movie representing racism and it being wrong.  In reality, I believe that individuals in society should not judge any race by what is showed in the media. For the reason, that are numerous of Black females and males that grow up in the inner city and yet, become very successful in life.

About Annie

Hi, everyone
 I have been looking forward for this class all vacation, but the all the snow was making it impossible to come to class. I’m Annie Puello. It’s my 5th year at RIC. I’m a Criminal Justice major with a minor in Sociology. After, I graduate from RIC my plans are to use my knowledge on justice studies and sociology to earn a position in a public or private agency and be dedicated to positive social change and community development. I currently work at Dunkin Donuts and I’m  also an intern at Youthbuild program located in Providence. On my spare time I love to cook, clean, dance and have fun with my family and friends.