Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Talking point 9

After, reading the article” How being a good girl can be  bad” I found that it was interesting  to read and  also, it thought me a few things. The author of the article has different ways in defining good girls and bad girls. For instance, the author states that good girls tend to be passive and bad girls seem to be labeled as sexual. However, in the article there were a few things that made me a little frustrated and I did not agree with. The   Danger of being a girl is that they are easily labeled to be taken advantage of by boys. For instance, the author states that
“One suggested that “sometimes girls. In order to get certain guy, Will do anything the guy wants and that includes sex” That would include propositioning a boy “If that’s what she thinks he want’ the girl’s action are reinterpreted in terms of satisfying   the boy desire rather than her own” I agree, with the previous quote because the reason why girls basically trade sex for relationship because they believe that is that matters in a relationship and they are desperate for a relationship.  I also, believe that girls also do that because is often shown on the media that the way to seduce a man/boy is by sex.

  The video of Atlanta was a great video to watch and it also generalizes the principle s of being a women and not living the life that she does not want to live. In the video Atlanta is presented as powerful and willing to do anything it takes to prove that she can be as good as any man and does not need to get married to go on with her life. I also believed that the new version of “Alice in the wonderland” was powerful and had numerous of similarities with Atlanta because they both choose not to get married to please other peers in their life.  However, I also believe that both of these videos can be a great example, upon girls in society because it shows the message that women’s can speak for themselves and don’t need others to make choices in their life for them.   

Monday, April 4, 2011

Project ideas !

 I was thinking on doing my project on teenagers who are involved in unhealthy relationships.  Is common that both boys and girls are involved in relationship that are unhealthy and don’t even know it. For instance, a little push can lead to unhealthy relationship. I feel that this can be a very important and interesting project to work on. I also, feel that the media does not do a good job on representing unhealthy relationships and does not show positive things about relationships .
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 Another, idea I had for the final project is eating disorder I feel that can also be an important topic to work for the facts that millions of teenagers  have been affected by eating disorder. I believe that this can because the media has portrayed how a female should look and that is skinny.  I feel that the media affect the body image of the  girl or boy.