Monday, March 28, 2011

Talking Point # 6 on Glee

Watching the show Glee was something that was new to me therefore, I did not know what to expect. As, I  was watching the show glee I decided to use the grinner article to compare with the show  Glee because I believed  it can relate  to the SCWAPP ideology. For instance,  I noticed that the character in the show were enforce to do things that  became a factor  in their life , and had to overcome the factors to be able to fit in.  All the characters are straight but one which is gay. Kurt was treated different because he was gay and was bully by the other classmates in school.  As, I was watching the show I noticed that religion was not a norm and was not hardly brought up.  Now whiteness was a huge norm in the show mostly all the character were white and few were minorities.  However, one thing that I dislike about the show was that there was hardly any diversity and it was ignored.  I felt that the kid in the wheel was always labeled as “The kid in the wheel chair” and also I felt that he was represented awful. For example, if a person who is disabled was to watch this show it would make the person feel bad about being in a wheelchair because the way the kid in the wheelchair is treated in the show.  I felt that people treated him nice because they felt bad because he was in a wheelchair. Being American was also a huge norm for the reason that mostly all the charters were American and all the music were American.  One important dominate that there was in the show Glee was maleness.  Males in the show had lots of power and were looked upon to because they were cool. However, it was not like that for Kurt because being gay and feminine was a major weakness in the show.
      Overall, watching the show for the first time was not bad it was interesting and I will not mind watching it again.

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