Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teenager Interview ( Extra Credit)

  Teens Interview

              Before I started with my interview with the teen I chose to interview I asked a couple of people what is their personal opinion about teens and how will they define teens. However, I did get a lot of the same response. For instance, they all seem to believe that teens are rebel and curious some thought that teens do not know how to behave and are loud and disrespectful.  My personal opinion about teens is that they are in a age where they are trying to find themselves and do different things to find themselves. I also, believe that in today society teens are labeled in a negative way therefore, by them being labeled so negative they tend to become what they are labeled by the people in their lives.
             Being an Intern at YouthBuild I chose to interview a Male  Teen from the program. YouthBuild is a GED program that helps troubled students gain a positive and successful education. In this program there are kids that have been to jail, do drugs and dropped out of school because they did not have  positive  support. However, workings for  Youth Build I have gained  a lot of great experience like working with teens, teaching a class on unhealthy relationships ,and evaluating the students.  
           Questions I asked:
  Q: How would you describe teens?
  A:  I would describe teens as like music, hanging with friends and having fun sometimes rebel.  
 Q: How do you feel when people labeled you as a bad teen because of your pass?
A:   To be honest I hate how we are labeled as bad teens just because of our pass. Yes, some of us to commit crimes and go to jail and regret it and choose to change our lives for a better one. I feel that when people label me is because they don’t have faith in me in becoming successful in life. Also, people that label me don’t know how I live my life and the reasons why I did the things I did in life.
            I choose to connect my interview with Raby article.  In the article there were numerous of statements that she made in her article that I disagree with. For instance, one main thing I do not agree with is they way teenagers are defined in the article. “Yeah, I think that teenagers, they are trouble- maker and they do things” (pg 444) I disagree, with the previous quote all teenagers are not trouble maker and should not be labeled as trouble- maker. I’m currently doing my internship at a program called Youth Build and I deal different kinds of teenagers. For instance, some of teens are dropped out of school for numerous of negative factors such as, getting in trouble with law enforcement, or lost their track using drugs.  Yes, I do understand that the majority of teenagers do cause trouble but us as a community we cannot continue to label these teenagers as trouble maker.

Final Project ( Teen Body images) Jasmine Scott, Annie Puello, Leecy Espinal,

Sorry for  some reason i did not get kayla invite so figured i would post our final project on my blog !

Our Main focus in our teen body images project is to be able to identify the negatives things that are portrayed by the media.   While working on this project we realized that the media has a lot of negative messages. For, instance, in the media all that is seen are girls that are skinny, white, good hair, tall. However, if that is the only thing being showed in the media that will instantly change a way a girl feels about themselves.  Numerous of girls suffer with Eating disorder because they want to look like the models on television and feel that their weight is not good enough to be a model. Another, thing that we focused on is how parents also have a main affect on how teens feel about their body images. In our presentation we will show a video by Tara Banks which discusses how parents pressure their kids to be thin and look like something that they are not.    We pick this quote because we feel that it can highly relate to our project. For the reason that teenagers tend to follow the trend that is surrounding them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Talking point 10 Twlight ( Edited) Connections

As, I started to watch the movie twilight I started to observed how the female leader of the movie   Bella was being portrayed. I noticed that she was portrayed as simple girl that was quiet and was not too much into fashion. She moved from phoenix to a place which is different from where she lived her childhood life. When she Edward I started to notice, that her attitude started to change rapidly. She started to wonder about him and his everyday moves. As, time went on she started to notice that was something that was wired about him. There was numerous part of the movie that made me think that Bella was not independent and felt that she was incomplete if she was not around Edward. Therefore, in my eyes her feeling incomplete without Edward being around her portrayed her as weak girl. As, the movie went on I started to noticed the message that is being sent to the public which is love. In the movie twilight love is define as unconditional love and Bella and Edward would no anything that takes stay together.

 I feel that twilight can relate to the article written by Raby. For instance, in Raby‘s article she discusses how a teen goes through a becoming stage.; Which means when teenager starts to become their own person.  However, in the movie twilight Bella is her own person but when she moves into the town where her father lives she begins to become another person because she falls in love with Edward which is a vampire. Bella falling in love with Edward she has to change her way of living to try to live like a Vampire. In the article Raby’s states that when teens go through that stage they tend to  become more independent and in the movie Bella does become more independent and stronger because she wants to prove to Edward that she has what it takes to a vampire and to gain his love.

 Another, connection I would like to use for the film Twilight will be the article about SCWAAMP feel that twilight has all the characteristics to fit to SCWAAMP

Straight – All characters in the movie are straight
Christian – All characters seem to be the same religion (religion is not really a big factor in the movie)
Whiteness- the majority of the characters are white
Able-Bodiedness– Majority of the character are able body instead for Jacob father which is in a wheelchair.
Maleness-   Most of the characters are male
Property owner – The Vampires tend to have a lot of property and power throughout the movie.