Monday, May 2, 2011

Talking point 10 Twlight ( Edited) Connections

As, I started to watch the movie twilight I started to observed how the female leader of the movie   Bella was being portrayed. I noticed that she was portrayed as simple girl that was quiet and was not too much into fashion. She moved from phoenix to a place which is different from where she lived her childhood life. When she Edward I started to notice, that her attitude started to change rapidly. She started to wonder about him and his everyday moves. As, time went on she started to notice that was something that was wired about him. There was numerous part of the movie that made me think that Bella was not independent and felt that she was incomplete if she was not around Edward. Therefore, in my eyes her feeling incomplete without Edward being around her portrayed her as weak girl. As, the movie went on I started to noticed the message that is being sent to the public which is love. In the movie twilight love is define as unconditional love and Bella and Edward would no anything that takes stay together.

 I feel that twilight can relate to the article written by Raby. For instance, in Raby‘s article she discusses how a teen goes through a becoming stage.; Which means when teenager starts to become their own person.  However, in the movie twilight Bella is her own person but when she moves into the town where her father lives she begins to become another person because she falls in love with Edward which is a vampire. Bella falling in love with Edward she has to change her way of living to try to live like a Vampire. In the article Raby’s states that when teens go through that stage they tend to  become more independent and in the movie Bella does become more independent and stronger because she wants to prove to Edward that she has what it takes to a vampire and to gain his love.

 Another, connection I would like to use for the film Twilight will be the article about SCWAAMP feel that twilight has all the characteristics to fit to SCWAAMP

Straight – All characters in the movie are straight
Christian – All characters seem to be the same religion (religion is not really a big factor in the movie)
Whiteness- the majority of the characters are white
Able-Bodiedness– Majority of the character are able body instead for Jacob father which is in a wheelchair.
Maleness-   Most of the characters are male
Property owner – The Vampires tend to have a lot of property and power throughout the movie.


  1. scwamp is a great way to look at twilight annie, greeat job! :)

  2. Annie, great way to plug in a few of the articles we've discussed this semester. I agree with Jasmine, SCWAMP has great application for this media text.