Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final Project ( Teen Body images) Jasmine Scott, Annie Puello, Leecy Espinal,

Sorry for  some reason i did not get kayla invite so figured i would post our final project on my blog !

Our Main focus in our teen body images project is to be able to identify the negatives things that are portrayed by the media.   While working on this project we realized that the media has a lot of negative messages. For, instance, in the media all that is seen are girls that are skinny, white, good hair, tall. However, if that is the only thing being showed in the media that will instantly change a way a girl feels about themselves.  Numerous of girls suffer with Eating disorder because they want to look like the models on television and feel that their weight is not good enough to be a model. Another, thing that we focused on is how parents also have a main affect on how teens feel about their body images. In our presentation we will show a video by Tara Banks which discusses how parents pressure their kids to be thin and look like something that they are not.    We pick this quote because we feel that it can highly relate to our project. For the reason that teenagers tend to follow the trend that is surrounding them.

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